Beaver [англ.] - Бобер
Rabies [англ.] - Крольчонок

Justin Beaver sings his new hit single RABIES, to his rabbit lover.

Written and Performed by David Bass (daveyboyz)
Filmed by and featuring Edward Frizzelle
Also featuring Allistair Kelly
Autotune by Andrew Marshall

I know you love me,I know you care
Just say Beaver, And I'll be there
You want my tree, You want my bark
And we will never ever ever be apart

Are we an item? Bunny, quit playing
We're just friends, What are you saying
We'll burrow down, down, down, dooown
And I just cant believe my first love is around.

Just don't give me
Rabies, Raby, Rabies ohh
Raby, Raby, Rabies noo
Rabies Raby Rabies Woo
Give me anything, even cheap ass rings but
Yeah I like you but i heard it really sucks

Maybe take a test, I think sooner is best for
I'd like you more you see, but its your foaming wee

When I was 13, I had my first hop
There was nobody who could stop me then
or stop me jumpin round and round and then hopping up above
It had me going crazy, oh I was buck buck,
I was bouncin daily, din't need no carrots
But now my mind has changed, you make my heart pound,
I hop and bounce and bound
when I see you lazing on the riverbank
And now my heart is breaking, I really love you man...

Yeah... thats fine.

Just don't give me...

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  1. Шейн Чейдо :

    Давно так не смеялся, бибера уже бобром назвали! Baby – RABIES! Ха-ха-ха! Почувствуй позор!

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